I haven’t written in a while. I’m sorry. I should write something.

The problem is that I don’t have much to write about.


I got a job. A job, moreover, that does not include the care of children or cats. I’m no longer an unemployed college kid. I am no longer a burden to society. I’m a career girl. I’ve joined the rat race, along with all the other rats. Woo hoo. I make above minimum wage. That’s a first. It means I have to dress in work-appropriate attire, which might not include dorky homeschooler denim jumpers or sailor girl dresses. It’s only a matter of time, though. It’s always like this; every time I go to a new class or church or meet someone for the first time, I usually wear something unremarkable. Once they get used to me and can’t do without me, that’s when I break out the pioneer dresses and sun bonnets and other weird stuff.

I’m working for a non-profit. Go me, right? Except that nobody knows that it’s a non-profit, including the people who work there. It doesn’t really act like a non-profit. But it is. They try.

Right now I should really be doing Prelab 8. I’m taking Microbiology this quarter. It includes questions like,

  1. On a test plate inoculated such as a staphylococcus recently isolated from an infection, a few colonies may appear within a clear zone of inhibition. Why would these colonies be present? What would their growth indicate about the probable effectiveness of the antibiotic in controlling the infection?

It’s a tough subject, but the labs are actually pretty fun. In Lab 8 we’re going to swap E. coli genes with glowing jellyfish genes so that the E. coli will glow.

“What did you do today, Sofia?”

“Not much; got up, went to class, and transferred bioluminescent jellyfish genes to a colony of E. coli. How about you?”

I’ve been thinking about bacteria a lot lately. Microbiology is 83.6% Bacteria 101. Amoebas get a lot of hype in mainstream media, but they’re not really that important. Archaea? Psh, no one really cares about Archaea. Multi-cellular animal parasites, now; those are a little more glamorous; especially the graphic ones. But really; it’s all about bacteria. That reminds me; do you remember the old washing-hands signs?

They used to be everywhere when I was a child. At preschool, at church, in public restrooms; I miss them. I want a laminated one to tack up in my bathroom, just for nostalgia. The new versions aren’t as fun because they don’t have the little beat-up germs. I like the little beat-up germs. Why would they take them out of the new ones? I just don’t understand.

Though speaking of germ-busting, I went out with my germophobe Yao cousins today. We were all in the car, having just finished eating our Vietnamese sandwiches.

“Hey guys; do you want some Skittles?”

“Sure! We love processed food!”

Twenty minutes later,

“By the way guys, I found those at a movie theater yesterday after the movie was over. They were open already.”





4 thoughts on “Germ-busters

  1. Hey! For the record, that “guy” would have saliva on his fingers, and he could’ve POISONED THEM.

    How does that make you feel NOW???? >:D

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