Wimpy Girl on Christmas Cards

Sofia is making Christmas cards!

They were going to be snowflakes, but all I had was red paper for making Chinese paper cuttings. Then I cut a couple out and they didn’t look like snowflakes. They looked like squares with random geometric designs on them. So I decided to go with Chinese paper cuttings. Now let me give you a tip: if you want a nice, relaxing hobby, don’t go for Chinese paper-cutting. It’s an upper-body workout. My arms are all sore.

At least it is if you do it the way I do it; which is probably not the correct way.

It’s not my fault I don’t know how it’s done! Nobody ever taught me. I had to figure it out all by my lonely twelve-year-old self. I saw them on a trip to Hong Kong way back when and said, “Ohh. Pretty. I wanna make those!” So I bought myself some thin red paper from a hole-in-the-wall junk shop and broke out an Exacto knife. It takes muscle to drive that knife consistently and evenly through four-plus layers of paper.

It’s probably just me. The old Chinese guys on Youtube look pretty relaxed doing it. Theirs look a lot more epic than mine, too.

If you don’t get a Christmas card this year, know that Sofia still loves you. She just ran out of upper-body strength and couldn’t make anymore.

Either that, or she has no idea where you live.




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