Random stuff

1. Somebody searched “спорт дети клипарты” and got me.

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

So I Google Translated it. This is what it came up with:

Sports clip art kids

I still don’t get it.

2. I learned today that the term “sideburns” is actually a distortion of Civil War General Ambrose Burnside’s name.

I wonder why.

If you’re wondering why I decided to research sideburns in my spare time, know that my sideburns (are they still called sideburns on a lady?) don’t seem to grow as long as the rest of my hair, and I was wondering why. It annoyed me, because they kept falling out of my bun.

3. I wore my hair in a bun all day today. I also wore a khaki skirt, a button-down, collared shirt, and sweater vest. If I’d had horn-rimmed glasses and bright red lipstick, the spinster librarian/secretary look would have been complete. Unfortunately for the spinster librarian/secretary look,

a) I don’t need glasses. 20/20, suckers!!

b) lipstick is against my moral code.

I guess I’ll have to abandon the spinster librarian/secretary look.

If more people read this blog, I probably wouldn’t have said that. I’d be afraid that a mob of spinster librarians and secretaries would swoop down upon the comment section and lambast me for my petty ignorance concerning their kind.

4. I just spent about half an hour listening to different people sing  “Ave Maria” on Youtube while knitting fingers (on a glove, not just fingers). I think my favorite was this French kid named Romeo. Despite the drawbacks of its having been the 1970s (read: swirling tie-dye background), he maintains his dignity and pulls it off really well! At least, I thought so. You can be the judge:


5. Took a quiz in class today. I got done first, as usual. I’m always the first done, because I’m just amazing at taking tests like that.

Then I got it back and discovered that I’d missed the last page.

Pride cometh before the fall. My heart is broken. Lacerated. Torn asunder. Don’t talk to me. Go ‘way.

I still want my 4.0. I must get my 4.0. If I have to give a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation including hand-outs and a “hands-on activity,” that’s what’s going to happen.

6. It is past midnight. My brother Erik just awoke from his afternoon nap. Now he wants to play on the computer. I believe what’s going to happen now is that he’s going to spend the night on the computer, then go to class in the afternoon, then go to bed after school. Then tomorrow, he’ll wake up at midnight again . . .

I’m getting tired just thinking about it.

See ya.




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