Old pictures

Okay, so not really that old. Not my definition of old, anyhow. But I was going through my pictures today and I thought I’d share:

This is a paper boat that my friends and I set asailing one summer’s day after high school orientation day one year. We supposedly went fishing, but caught no fish. It was a happy day.

My friend and I took this picture one day. We thought it was funny that the guy’s shirt is dipped in the water.

Though later, when I was showing m photos to an older lady I know, she assumed that we had been stalking this “attractive young man” as she deemed him, and laughed at our shamelessness for a solid minute before I could explain that such was not the case.


Pie. I like making pie.

Courtesy of My Brother Erik

This was the last time I ever slept in public without a blanket over my head. I can’t believe I’m showing this to you.

I mean, look at this picture. I’m gorgeous. These two were taken on the same day. I don’t understand how someone as attractive as myself could pose for such a hideous picture.

And finally . . .

What you’ve all really wanted to see . . .

The last time I wore pants. Gross.


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