A few things

1. I wrote “Use it or lose it!” in my homework today. It was asking what the benefit was of encouraging seniors to exercise. I wonder what teachers think of that kind of smart-alecky response. I tend to do that sometimes.

2. I finally, finally, finally, wrote my fan letter to Don Rosa. I wonder what he’ll think of me.

3. I skipped church today for no good reason. I should feel ashamed of myself.

4. After rummaging in a milk crate full of electronic gadgets and cords, I finally (finally!!!) found a cord for my *radio-cassette player! YES!!!

Before the cord: Sofia rats around the house, robbing various electronics of their AA batteries every few hours when the radio stops working.

After the cord: Sofia unplugs her phone because there is only one power outlet that is not covered various articles of furniture. The other outlet is shared by Sofia’s sewing machine and space heater.

I feel that this is a vast improvement. I don’t know; I could put my radio-cassette player under my pillow with my reading lamp, hymnal, and Bible. That way, I could thread the cord to the power outlet behind my bed through the decorative hole in my headboard, thus creating space for my telephone in the other one.

It’s starting to get a little cramped under that pillow.

5. I lost sleep last night by listening to seriously creepy radio shows on KIXI AM 8.80, Seattle’s retro radio station. There was one about a house on the beach that seemed alive. The owners would come back, and there would be food on the table and a fire in the grate. Okay, that doesn’t sound so bad, right? But the beds looked slept in, and the doors would open or lock as they pleased. The clock wound itself and the boat would come in and moor itself on the dock; and there was never anybody there! Freaked me out. I love the old radio shows; I love The Whistler, My Favorite Husband, Jack Benny, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, Inner Sanctum Mysteries; I love them all; but maybe Crime Time Radio shouldn’t be on Saturdays at midnight.

*For those of you who don’t know: a radio-cassette player is what people used in olden times when they didn’t have iPods. Not only could you listen to whatever was on the radio, but you could play **cassettes in it as well!

**A cassette is what they had before CDs. It has a roll of tape inside, on which information is recorded, and as the wheels turn, the cassette player reads it. It pretty much looks like a miniature ***VHS.

*** A VHS is what movies were recorded on before DVDs. You can rewind and fast-forward a lot easier on VHSes than on DVDs, and skip the advertisements in the beginning; but don’t pay any attention to me; I’m just biased in their favor because they’re obsolete. I like ****obsolete things. I don’t know why.

****If I like you, please DO NOT think that I consider you obsolete!!!


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