Non-Alcoholic Apple Wine

“What’s the point of non-alcoholic apple wine, Sofia?”

I have no idea. But I’m drinking my third glass right now, if that makes any difference. Besides, it’s a great way to use up not-so-hot apples.

Non-Alcoholic Apple Wine


3-5 windfall apples

1-1 1/2 gal water

sugar, to taste

2 lemons

Method: Wash apples and cut out gross stuff. Chop fine; don’t bother to peel or core. Just chop it all up and throw it in a large bowl of water. Cover and let sit 1 week, stirring at least once daily. Strain out fermented apple chunks. Feed them to your chickens and watch them get drunk (KIDDING! I’M KIDDING!!!). Add zest of lemons, if desired. Add juice of lemons, or else. Sugar to taste. Mixture should be tart and sweet. Add more lemon juice if necessary. Strain well. Chill. At this point, I think you can bottle it and ferment it and make alcoholic apple wine out of it, but I’ve never tried it and if you get sick and die, don’t come crying to me about it. Let set for 24 hours before consumption.

“What’s a windfall apple, Sofia? I’m a helpless Seattle city kid. I don’t know anything about apples.”

A windfall apple, my friend, is an apple that has fallen off the apple tree. Probably in the wind, hence the name. They usually have nicks and scratches and gross parts, which means that they don’t store very well. However, in this recipe, any old apple will do; I just like to use up the less-desirable ones, because you won’t be able to tell after you’ve applied ample sugar and lemon. And fermentation.

Enjoy! Don’t poison yourself. That would make me feel bad.




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