The Folly of Youth; A Poem

I wrote this a little while back and then forgot to post it. I guess I will now. There it is.

Sofia is back in school. So wrong. So sad.

It’s actually not that bad.


That rhymed.

I dislike it when that happens. It sounds like I’m trying to make bad poetry.

Speaking of bad poetry, here is a poem I wrote when I was thirteen:

The Folly of Youth

Teenagers in this day and time,

Know no method, reason, or rhyme.

Following naught but lawless ways,

Rows, fights, and thoughtless frays

Come much more oft than contemplation,

Homework, health, or regulation.

Eager hands, guided by a hot head,

Which is in turn led by a heart that burns red,

Quick! Wreak havoc in such a way

That older folk kneel down and pray.

For what irreverent youth’s salvation,

Moderation, and preservation

Is not imperiled by the lure

Of objects unfit for children pure?

Wow. It’s even worse than I remembered. I am so going to regret putting this up.

This was supposed to be about getting back to school. About my kindergarten-esque teacher, Miss Laura, and of taking blood pressure. Instead, I’m posting the angry ravings of my 13-year-old heart. I didn’t like high school. I was too much of a dork to like high school. I like college better. I should of skipped high school and gone straight to college instead. Homeschooled friends, take note.

Why does Spellcheck think that “homeschooled” isn’t a word? It is, isn’t it? But then again, “Spellcheck” is also underlined.

I would write a nice, conclusive conclusion, but I’m too tired now, and besides, I don’t want to type anymore. I have to finish sewing a quilt square for a going-away friendship quilt for one of my mother’s colleagues who is retiring after 40 years. It is due tomorrow and my mother is making me do it because she doesn’t embroider.



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