Farewell to Summer

Summer is over. Sad, but true. Rain is coming back into my life. As are knee-high socks and wool skirts. And tights. And dorkiness. And school.



A lot of you are thinking right now, “Aww, school starts in a week, does it? Poor little Sofia. Life is pretty tough, isn’t it? I’VE BEEN IN SCHOOL FOR A MONTH ALREADY, YOU WHINY LITTLE BRAT! GOSH!!”

Sorry. Not really.

By the way, spam is so odd sometimes.

My spouse and i however aren’t able to extremely believe that I possibly could regularly be a kind of checking essential points entirely on your website. Our kids so i happen to be sincerely gracious for that generosity and for supplying people the chance chase my very own decided on vocation path. Thank you for the important data I managed to get from a web page. Idol Bright

What does this mean? What is its purpose? I don’t understand.

But anyway, really quick, here are my resolutions for this school year:

1. I will manage my time better by wearing a timer around my neck.

Can you think of anything more dorky than that? I’m going to make schedules for myself and then set my timer so that I know I have exactly two hours and forty-seven minutes before I need to start studying the next subject. I’ll probably forget to check it, and it’ll go off in the library, which will be extremely embarrassing. But think of how efficient I’ll be!

Yeah; we’ll see how long this lasts.

2. I will go to the library every day after school to study.

It’s impossible to study at home. There are so many other things to do (e.g. eat, sleep, clean up, make food, make quilts, make socks, etc.) at home.

3. I will floss my teeth every night.

Don’t look at me like that! I already do! I’m just afraid I’ll lose the habit as things get stressful.

4. To that end, I will go to bed on time.

Destined to fail this one. I already know it. But maybe I can make it to Christmas break before the crisis. My timer will help me.


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