How Sewing Machines and Cars are Similar

1. If you go too fast, you’re going to run over something. In a car, that might be a bird or a kid or another vehicle. With a sewing machine, it’s going to be a pin, and let me tell you something: sewing over pins is a dangerous thing to do. If the needle hits a pin, the pin is going to go “crunch!”, and it might come flying up and hit you in the eye. You’ll scream in pain and terror, try to rub it out, and end up scratching your eye even more until you’re a bloody wreck, then get rushed to the ER where they’ll extract the whole mess and give you a nice, new, shiny glass eye.

Yeah. So don’t do that. Choose a safe speed.

2. In both sewing and driving, my instructors have told me to slow down. I was seven when I learned to sew from good Miss Sue at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I was known as “The Speed Demon.” I enjoyed my notoriety. No one could zig-zag stitch faster and more evenly than I could.

3. There’s a foot pedal that makes it go faster. Except that in sewing, there’s no foot pedal to slow things down.



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