Sofia is always a dork, but especially in the winter.

I’m always a dork. Nobody will ever manage to convince me otherwise. Most likely because I enjoy being a dork. One thing I’ve noticed though, is that it is easier for me to be a dork in the winter. In the summer, I break out my colorful sun dresses and wide-brimmed hat. Not that weird. Lots of people wear dresses in the summer.

Let me tell you something: nobody wears dresses in the winter. Not to school. Not to youth group. Not to church. Maybe to the opera. Maybe. But who goes to operas? Old people, classical music lovers . . . and dorks. ‘Nuff said.

I got a new winter dress last week.

It was on sale because it is currently August.

Actually, my darling friend Jennifer got me a new winter dress, on sale in August. She got it for my birthday, because she didn’t get me anything in January, when I actually had my birthday.

It was $40.

But nobody bought it.


Nobody bought it.


Dork runs over to the clearance section and says, “Hey! I would actually wear this if I fixed it!”

Jennifer: “Five dollars? It’s hideous, but whatever; I’ll get it for you.”

And that was that.

It used to look something like this.

I took it home, got out my seam ripper, and proceeded to rip out the unnecessary frills and ruffles.

Scratch that. Necessary or not, I ripped out all the frills and ruffles. It is now very plain and very gray. The collar is very high.

It now looks like a uniform. The uniform of an institutionalized orphan in a poor and snowy country. Or the inhabitant of an insane asylum. Or a convicted prisoner. I can’t decide which. Brother Erik suggested a combination. I am a crazed convict, orphaned at birth.

Yup, that’s how I dress in the winter. That’s what I’m going to wear to school. To youth group. To the grocery store.

I’m such a dork.

I really like my new dress. Thanks, Jennifer! Love you ♥


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