A few totally unrelated things.

1. Apparently, people have been searching for information on “calcium deposits in a dog’s leg,” and found this website instead.

I hope your dog is okay, Buddy. Sorry if I wasn’t very helpful.

2. My father came back from the mailbox with a gleaming gold-coloured envelope (on-velope? un-velope?) with a Totoro-themed address label. He didn’t even look on the other side to see who it was addressed to before handing it over. Inside is a 28 page letter, 16 photographs (including cows, weeds, and Alps), an indistinguishable Silly Band, a fountain pen, and fifty ink cartridges of assorted rainbow colors.

Wow. Thank you, my friend.

You gotta admit, I have crazy-awesome friends out there.

By the way, I believe that you have killed the seeds I gave you. I did not see them in the picture you sent. The other flower looks like a petunia. Also, I think you might be able to figure out what the picture is if you look at this clearer one. I’ll give you a hint: the object in question has already been mentioned in this post.

3. I worked today. Since it was a Saturday, the bus I would have normally taken home did not come. Rather than walk four blocks to the next bus stop, I walked home 2 miles through the woods. It’s a nice place to walk through– in the morning. At dusk, it’s the sort of place that you expect drug dealers and gangs and rabid raccoons to hang out in. Raccoons seriously freak me out. I’m afraid they’ll nip my feet. Of course, the most threatening thing I actually saw was a Vietnamese family scrutinizing their vegetable patch and conversing in animated whispers, but one never knows. Fortunately, I was prepared. I had pepper spray and trail mix.

I want a bicycle.

4. I have at least 17 mosquito bites, mostly on my legs.

Let me rephrase that:


Brother Erik would like to suggest squeezing until a clear fluid drains from the center, then scratching until deflation occurs.

5. “Chattanooga Choo Choo” is stuck in my head.

6. Last week, I learned who Paul McCartney was.

Beatles Fanatic Friend: “Do you even know who this is? [points to guy on Beatles beach towel]”

Sofia: “Nope.”

BFF: “That’s Paul McCartney!!”

Sofia: “Okay.”

BFF: “You know who Paul McCartney is, right?”

Sofia: ” . . . I thought he was a politician or something . . .”

BFF: !!!!!!!!!!


7. I’m going to Canada with my brother next week. Let me know if you want a post card.



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