Churchy Camp and Encouragment Notes

Heading off to churchy camp tomorrow. Love churchy camp. Love retreats.

Speaking of retreats, today as I was sweeping under my bed (it needed it), I found a brown paper bag with my name on it. Inside were a dozen or so of those sweet, corny, and insincere little notes that everyone writes to one another on the last day of camp. I love them. I love them all.

Sofia! You are really good at knitting!

Sophia! It’s been really fun sharing a cabin with you! I love that you know all these cool things about knitting & everything! I hope you were able to get closer with God this weekend.

Sofia- I’m always laughing in my head when I see you knitting. Thanks for being so unique and willing to stand out . . . Hope you enjoyed the retreat!

I’m so happy that we were in the same small group this retreat. You’re super nice . . .and I hope that we’ll continue to talk more after this retreat! Also, it’s super awesome that you knit!

Sofia! We have never really talked, but you honestly seem like a really nice person. Oh, & you’re awesome at knitting! We should get to know each other. I think that’d be fun 🙂

I encourage u to keep encouraging and being . . . SOFIA!

Then there were the ones from the service trip last summer. We were told to write “encouragement notes.” Notes that we could go to on a rainy day and feel happy about. Some of them were like that . . .

I’m sorry you’re being missed in some other century, but I’m glad you’re here. You have the courage to be yourself and make your own place in the world and be yourself. Look out world!

But most of them were like this:

Sofia! My lovie snickerdoodle smiig! This week was really fun and thank you for being such a good roommate! Thanks for sharing your snacks with me! I agree, you look pretty hot in PANTS! Ha ha, they love you and hug your legs!


I can’t believe you wore pants

You had pants!

You did a great job! Han slap a coughn’t dn beader. Good job wAhn the pants! (I couldn’t read this one)

Yeah. Pants. Because Oldefashioned Wannabe Amish Girl wore a lousy pair of jeans for a half hour in order to not look extremely awkward while hanging upside down from a tree during a high ropes course. That’s what I get to read about on my rainy days. Can’t wait to see what I get this year.

I love churchy camp!!!!!!

See you next week.


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