My friend Jennifer, an old man on a bicycle, and I were all standing at a street corner, waiting for the light. Jennifer and I noticed a poor little lost puppy dog, sniffing at a garbage can. He looked up at us with liquid-looking brown eyes, his soft little velvet ears gently flopping on each side of his head. The little guy was wearing a collar, but no leash, and no one in sight was paying him the slightest bit of attention.

Jennifer: Sofia, look at the puppy! Do you think he’s lost?

Sofia: I don’t know . . .

Bicycle Guy: ……………..

Jennifer: Do you think we should do something?

Sofia: Umm, I don’t know; we don’t really have a phone with us. What could we do?

Bicycle Guy: …………………..

Jennifer: Is he really lost? He’s just standing there. Wouldn’t he be like, walking around if he were really lost?

Sofia: He’s only a puppy; maybe he doesn’t know how–

The crosswalk light turned green.

Bicycle Guy: C’mon Buster!

Buster ran after Bicycle Guy, who looked behind him to grin delightedly at Sofia and Jennifer, who are left to feel like airheads.

Sofia and Jennifer: ………………………………Wow.

Then we sat at a bus stop and laughed at ourselves for a quarter of an hour, eventually recovering to talk about bus transfers and tainted Halloween candy and insurance scams, while the innocent bystander nearbye looked at us strangely. Then we got an avocado milk shake with grass jelly.

The End.


One thought on “Fail.

  1. I was going to email this, but you can just not approve this comment.
    I’m going to keep the website, courtesy of Jo (WHY R U DELETING IT?????)
    But it’s going to remain frozen in history.
    Possibly. -.-

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