I’m in Portland right now, also known as Ptld, from various signs I’ve seen around. I’m visiting the Yao cousins.

Actually, the real reason I’m here is for Sock Summit 2011; the one and only sock-knitting convention in the world. Pretty epic, huh? They sent me an exclusive invitation as a VIP guest so that I could show the knitting community how awesome socks are made.

Yeah. No. Not really.

Let’s rephrase that: I paid Sock Summit a quantity of cold hard cash so that they will let me come and take some sock-knitting classes because I am oh-so mediocre at knitting, and the Yao cousins are the most fabulous people in the world and said that I could sleep in their house whilst I am here. Yeah.

Today we took it pretty easy. The Yao cousins are determined to show me just how awesome Portland is. To this end, they took me to a huge park where we walked for miles and miles. We were getting light-headed. One of our party went missing. A search-party was dispatched. Hearts were beating fast. Toffee the Dog was panting hard. Then she turned up, sitting by the car.

And that was that.

Later they took me to the pond, where we found a turtle and a plethora of horsetail plants. We pulled up some of the horsetails so that we could try our hands at making horsetail tea. Apparently, it’s really good for you, though none of us have ever actually tried it. We set it out on the porch to dry. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


One thought on “Portland

  1. NonononononononononoNO.
    “One of our party went missing”????
    No, JON, decided to be ADVENTUROUS, and DARING, instead of STICKING TO THE PATH.
    Yes, the wonderful “”Shortcut.””
    While I, not wanting to get cut on the IVY, was smart, and went to the car to read “Anne of Green Gables.”
    I was hoping that the guys didn’t think I was so stupid as to get lost. >:l

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