Yesterday, my brother left his Facebook open.

Oh snap. Payback time.

First I friended myself. Erik likes to annoy me by not being friends on Facebook. That error rectified, I friended his former World History teacher.

Then, I changed his profile picture to that of an old man next to a rock.

Then, I looked for people online. I found Wes.

This is Wes. The lump in his neck is a benign calcium deposit, just in case you were wondering.

Wes is one of Erik’s best buddies from school. However, for some inexcusable reason, Erik hadn’t seen him since school let out. What?

So I set up a date with Wes. This is how it went down:

Erik (Sofia in disguise): WES!!

Wes: Oh, hi.

Erik: You should hang out with Erik sometime :O

Wes: This is true…

Erik: By the way, I’m not Erik.

Wes: ………….I see…

Erik: Are you free tomorrow? Want to meet Erik at 3 in Chinatown?

Wes: Okay, but who are you? Erik’s agent? Does Erik know about this?

Erik: Don’t worry; I’ll tell him. Just be there!

Wes: OK

Erik: Good boy.

Wes: -__-

So, I got to go with Erik to meet Wes today. Erik’s a pretty cool brother. He must be one of the very few brothers who actually likes his sister tagging along with his friends. Besides the intense Minecraft/Team Fortress 2/ “Whatever happened to Nintendo? Man, the quality is really going down, etc.” discussions, I really like Erik’s friends. Geeks and nerds get along swimmingly with dorks like me. Not that I’m cool enough to know the difference between those words.

We had bubble tea and then ran amok in downtown Seattle. Good times.


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