So I accidentally poured sand all over my bed, which might account for all the strangely vivid dreams I’ve been having. In the first one, a stray battery hen made her way into our yard and decided to bleed and die there, whilst my sleek and pampered pet chickens clucked disapprovingly at this disgraceful and tumorous invader. My parents looked out the window and said, “Oh dear, Sofia, would you mind taking care of that?”


Dying battery hens kind of freak me out.

The next couple weren’t as bad. In one, my mother met my number one fan at a cocktail party at Costco, where he revealed to the world that he was actually a British exchange student, and in the next one, I hopped on a big yellow schoolbus with Yao cousins Jo and Josh and we all went to Bible camp.Yay!

I think I’ll go switch out my sheets now.

Sorry; this is all I have to say to you today. I’ll write a bigger thing after I succeed in making a camera out of the Altoids tin that Yao cousin Elaine gave me. That might take a while, because I don’t know how. But somehow, I SHALL SUCCEED!! *inspirational music!*

Or not.

We’ll see.


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