:) ☼ :) ☼

Summer is officially here.

[tears of joy, maniacal laughter]

I celebrated today by printing off a couple of reams of knitting patterns at school (it’s free printing! Do you know what printer ink costs these days?), going to the bank, shopping, and cleaning my room.

The people at the bank love me. I go there less than once a month, yet they truly do.

Me: Hi! I don’t know my account number. I also filled in this deposit slip incorrectly, and forgot to endorse all my checks.

Bankers: Sofia! So good to see you. Aww, of course you don’t need to know your account number! We can look you up! We know who you are; we don’t need to see your ID! How’s your sister? How’s school going? Here; have some money! Have a lollipop! Have a nice day!

I like going to the bank.

I bought my father a lemon reamer for Father’s Day. And a cheese grater. And a spatula. I wonder what he’ll think of that. I made many other unwise purchases today, but I’ll tell you about them later. I think I spend more money when I’m angry or freakishly happy. Or maybe I just spend too much money in general. Oh well.

I walked into a sketchy Persian carpet/Chinese antique store today. It was in a very old and very decrepit and very dark Downtown warehouse; beautiful Persian carpets were tacked haphazardly to the cold, crumbling white walls, and thrown helter-skelter across the floor. There were probably three or four old Asian wardrobes, a couple of horse statues, and a vase or two. All in all, it looked like a smuggler’s hideout cave, and the bearded man lurking behind a dusty display of carpets looked genuinely surprised to have a customer (of all things!) walk into his shop.

I didn’t stay long.

Later I came home and decided that it was time to start cleaning out my room. I do this every year to celebrate the beginning of summer, because that’s just the kind of crazy party-girl I am. My rooms really isn’t very messy, but there are definitely a lot of glory holes. I don’t like glory holes. They need to leave. There are spiders in glory holes. Now, I’m not the kind of girl who screams at the sight of spiders. I’ll even pick them up by the leg sometimes, but let me tell you; the spiders in my room are definitely scream-worthy.

But I didn’t! So there!

I’m going to go watch Disney movies on VHS and knit now. Goodbye.


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