The State of My Soul

Two more days . . .

All I can think about right now is chemistry. I feel like chemistry kind of took over my life this quarter. I talk chemistry. I breathe chemistry. I live chemistry. I AM chemistry!


Today, with the aid of Yahoo! Answers and Hans, my math genius big brother, I finished the very last online homework assignment for chemistry. Joy! I don’t think I could have done it without them.


Hans: “Okay, but you do realize, do you not, that I have only ever had an elementary high school-level course in chemistry and that I don’t currently know how to do any of this stuff? And that when you ask me to help you, I have to go into the text, learn how these things work, and then sit down and teach them to you?”

Me: “Here’s the question: number 7. Do you want to sit down?”

Three and a half minutes later:

Hans: “Done. Here’s how you do it; you need to convert milliliters to liters and then multiply that by the molarity. Then, you’ll divide the NaOH by the resulting number, blah blah blah blah . . .”

Me: “Ohh, I get it now. How about number 8?”

I really love Hans.

Online homework, on the other hand, not so much so; it’s way too easy to be distracted. Today at school I printed out 10 knitting patterns whilst “doing homework.” There’s a cropped pelisse and a cute pair of diamond lace-patterned socks, and a beautiful little summer sweater; I can’t wait to start on them!

But I must wait; I must wait until Wednesday is over. Then, I will be done with chemistry. Then, I will be free for the summer. Then, I will dance with glee. Then, I will draw up a list of things that I want to do over break. Then, I will go home and watch old Disney movies on VHS in front of my antiquated and barely functioning television. With a blanket. And comfort food. Preferably containing copious amounts of animal fat.

Then, I will wonder what I would be like if I ever went through actual suffering.


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