When I Should be Studying Chemistry…

Okay, no more Adventures of Sofia in Strangerland posts for a while. Here are some random things I’ve been doing lately.

1. I have a frumpy pink nightgown. I got it at Goodwill. The tag says “Granada.” At first I was pretty sure that it said “Grandma.” Believe me, that would have been the more appropriate brand name. Don’t you shake your head at me! I got it for the fabric, okay? It is pink; with white flowers. It had potential. Yesterday I turned it into a nice summer dress. No one will ever know.

2. Instead of working on my chemistry homework, I just ordered every single book the library has on smocking ( a grand total of 4). For those of you who aren’t familiar with  smocking, it is a type of embroidery. First developed in England, smocking was used to gather material where elastic would be used in contemporary sewing, often around the neck, yoke, sleeves, etc.; this utility makes it very unlike most other types of embroidery, which are, for the most part, purely decorative. As a result of its functionality, smocking was more often used in the garments of commoners and laborers.

Are you asleep yet?

Smocking is awesome and it’s one of the few crafty things I have yet to master. I tried once and failed. With the help of the Seattle Public Library, however, I WILL succeed!


3. I went to a Lutheran restaurant Sunday after church. There are times when I love being Lutheran.

4. Yesterday I learned first-hand how important aesthetics are in regards to food. I made corn pudding, which was fabulous, but no one would eat it because they were convinced that it was actually overcooked scrambled eggs. Sigh.

5. I used the school printers to print out a whole bunch of tatting patterns. Tatting is a way of making lace. It’s addicting. Seriously. Even more so than knitting.

6. I made marshmallows yesterday. Compared with store-bought, they’re not all that different. They look like squares of tofu (called “dofu” at my house) and taste kind of like marshmallows. They melt quite nicely; there’s no real point of putting a store-bought marshmallow in hot cocoa(besides having a marshmallow floating in your drink); these actually melt into foamy goodness. I stuck one on a chopstick and turned the stove on high and roasted it. It was completely melted all the way through.

7. Someone was bored and asked what she should do with her life in the summer. This is what I said:

I am the master of strange hobbies! Here are some of the things I do when I have time:

needle tat (it’s a form of making lace out of string; really easy and highly addicting!)
make jam
make bread
make chicken broth out of chicken bones
make marshmallows
collect 4-leaf clovers
get on a random bus and see where I end up and explore there
I save animal fat from cooking, freeze it, and then make my own soap
go to the beach and carve your name into the logs there
press flowers and make cards
The Ancient Art of Chinese Papercutting
Make a sunbonnet
Go fishing
Make your own cheese
Keep a diary and write it by candlelight
Send a letter to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while
Go to Facebook and see who’s birthday is coming up. Send them a package of random stuff in the mail
Make cookies and send them along, too
Volunteer at the food bank
get socks and fruit and stuff and go downtown and hand them out to homeless peeps
hang out with a friend you don’t see very much before it’s too late and you drift apart
Make a quilt
read a book
learn to do your hair a new way
join Boy Scouts
find that book that’s falling apart and sew it back together
buy a plant and plant it in your yard
write a poem
go somewhere you’ve never been before in your life
eat snails
go clamming!
join a youth group
make dinner from scratch
get pet chickens
find a book you really hate and cut it up into little pieces.
go to the park and SWING!!
call your grandma
put mayonnaise in your hair before you shampoo, then condition it with vinegar (I’m serious, it works)

Okay, I could write more, but I have to go do my homework now! Good luck!

Yeah. I was supposed to be doing chemistry. Oh well.


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