So, yesterday, I stayed up until 3 in the morning (I’m sorry, Shmoot; I’ve failed you).

I did not stay up doing homework. I did not stay up to cry over my bitter life. I did not stay up because I had too much coffee. I did not stay up because I am in love.

I did stay up to watch Howl’s Moving Castle for the 42nd time.

As a result, I woke up 10 minutes late today.

As a result, I missed my bus.

As a result, I walked to school.

Walking to school really isn’t that bad. According to my interpretation of Google Maps, it is about 1.5 miles. The length is no big deal.

Even though it is practically a straight shot from my house to the school, there is no road that goes through all the way. There are lots of woods in between, replete with my favorite tree: the Big Leaf Maple. These trees, with their gray, mossy, elephantine trunks, are the nesting places of birds and fat gray squirrels. Their large, bright green leaves provide shady comfort to hot and panic-stricken schoolgirls who come tramping past them on a Tuesday morn. There is a cute little creek that gurgles and meanders through the little wilderness. It is actually quite a beautiful walk.

That’s counting without the hills.

The hills are a big deal. I very much dislike the hills. They are steep. They are many.

Okay, there are 3. But still!!

I also left school early. Don’t LOOK at me like that!! I AM a good student!! You would understand in context:

Mr. Chemistry: takuh die moleculas of soolfate, and add dem togezayer to find noomber . . .

Mr. Chemistry, I love you; but I just can’t do it for two hours.

I found a magazine entitled Cooking Light: 105 Best Recipes From 2010. Does it make me a bad person that I couldn’t find a single recipe that I thought worth writing down? Out of the 105 best? Everything seemed to be a salad. I don’t want to eat a salad for dinner. I’ll eat a salad with dinner, but not instead of dinner.

I want to make cookies now.

And take a nap.

But I won’t.

So there.



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