Today was Garage Sale Day in my neighborhood. I love Garage Sale Day. I got this huge spool of lace that would usually cost $6 a yard at least; 10 yards for $2. I know you don’t care, but THIS IS SO EXCITING!! I also got a candy thermometer and a miniature whisk, a 1950s dress pattern, 2 embroidery books, and a pair of cute shoes.

After that, my friend dragged me off to go look in cool-clothing stores where I sat and was bored because there weren’t any dorky things for me to buy. By the time we’d been through American Eagle, Forever 21, Abercrombie, Old Navy, Nordstrom, and finally, Urban Outfitters, I was so tired of looking at clothes. There was a man outside selling newspapers. I thought about going outside, buying a paper, and asking him how business was. Fortunately, my friend was finally done with her purchases, so I bought a paper and moved on. From what I can tell from the stores, the vintage/sloppy look is in right now. My friend actually stopped and looked at some chunky old-man-type sweaters that looked like they’d been salvaged from a nursing home.

That reminds me, I have a nightgown that I believe belongs to a dead lady. I bought it at the thrift store. It’s blue with white flowers. It has eyelet lace. It has the name “Agnes” written on the tag in permanent marker, along with a room number.

Hmm, suspicious.

I ate sushi today. For being an old-fashioned girl, I do kinda like sushi. I like to take stuff off of the conveyor belt, and then look at it, and then put it back if it’s vegetarian. I like the ones with eel in them. Eel is good. My mother used to buy this Chinese stuff labeled as “deep-fried eel.” All very good and well, but it came in a can. How can you have deep-fried eel in a can? I never understood this.

A perfectly healthy red currant plant.

Here is a picture of a red currant plant. There is only one person in the entire world who will understand why I put this here.You know who you are, don’t you?Β  I know you won’t comment, because you never do. You don’t approve of old-fashioned girls having blogs, even if you do enjoy reading them whilst you are lying sick and friendless in a strange land (I’m KIDDING! KIDDING!!). But, here you go. I did what you asked me to do. Everything is OK around here, and it gave me a chance to visit Margot. Yay!

The other day 65 people looked at my blog. How can 65 people have looked at my blog? I’ve only actually told about 7 of you about it.

Goodnight, World! Tomorrow is Youth Sunday at church, so I’m preaching the Gospel (according to John, the 10th Chapter). My fabulous sermon is labeled “Sheep and Shepherds and Gates and Wolves and Everything Else That John Mentions Here.” I hope I don’t say anything sacrilegious by accident.




11 thoughts on “Shopping!

  1. “The other day 65 people looked at my blog. How can 65 people have looked at my blog? I’ve only actually told about 7 of you about it.”

    Because you’re an awesome blogger.

    Mystery solved.

    • It is a large thermometer that you can clip onto a pot or pan or other cooking vessel in order to ascertain the temperature of the contents within. It is often used for making candy, because candy-making requires very specific temperatures, otherwise the texture won’t turn out right.

      In other words, a candy thermometer πŸ™‚

  2. Let me guess, is your shopping friend the same one as the friend that introduced us?

    Also, that nightgown sounds hecka creepy. Please wear other pajamas.

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