O Canada?

I had a meeting today.

Well, “meeting.”

It was for Youth Sunday. That’s the Sunday when Pastor and the rest of the grown-ups take the day off and let the youth handle the service. I wasn’t personally looking forward to Youth Sunday. I’m teaming up with a friend to write the sermon. I am mildly terrified. I start stuttering when I have to do announcements, let alone a full-blown sermon. Well, okay, it’s going to last 5 minutes.

(Did you know that “full-blown” was a term that originally referred to flowers opening? e.g. A full-blown rose, a half-blown rose, and a rosebud)

But you know what? After this meeting, I’m kind of excited. I didn’t know that we were actually going to get full responsibility for everything. I was pretty sure that they wouldn’t, for instance, let us choose the hymns.

It might have been wise not to let us choose the hymns.

We chose “O Canada.”

That makes doing the sermon completely worth it 🙂


2 thoughts on “O Canada?

  1. Of course, there must be a Canadian song. What to do… Yes! We sing the Canadian anthem, because Canada is awesome! Also, it has an “O” in it. 🙂

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