The Banquet

What a weird day.

So, my school is giving me some free tuition next year. Yay! Free school! However, in order to get it, I had to attend a mandatory celebration banquet.

But School! Today is the National Day of Prayer! I saw a poster for it at the Antique Mall! I wanna to go to a prayer meeting! It’s on the beach! Isn’t that cool?

“We won’t give you any money if you don’t show up.” they said.

Fine. Be that way.

So I went.

There were lots of rich old people, and a few of my fellow students. I registered, and they told me to sit at table 14. A regal old lady in a shimmering black satin dress turned to me as I sat down.

“Hello Dear, are you a recipient of the H. G. Brent Foundation Scholarship*? This young man  is Francisco. He was just telling me his life’s goals.”

“Uh no, they just told me to sit here.””

Oh. I see.”

She immediately turned her back on me to talk to Francisco, who, apparently, was a recipient of the H. G. Brent Foundation Scholarship.

Awkward. I’m getting outta here.

I excused myself “to use the restroom” and went to the bus stop instead. It was warm and beautiful. Though not exactly sunny, the clouds were bright and the air was warm. It was starting to feel like Spring. Summer, even. The wind was combing through the tall, grassy field that the landscaper hadn’t managed to cut down yet. I had found two 4-leaved clovers earlier right in the middle of that field. My parents weren’t expecting me home for hours yet.

I couldn’t go home now. I needed to get out! I needed to do something wild! Something crazy! Something liberating!

I went to the prayer service at the beach.

Eventually, I decided that I’d best be getting home. My parents, after all, thought I was at the school banquet. I went to the bus stop and waited. Nothing happened. I checked the bus schedule. Last bus: 7:34. I looked at the alarm clock I had in my purse: 8:30.


Whatever, it’s only about 3 miles from home. Besides, I’d only need to walk about half that before I could find a bus.

I had a map of the city in my purse. The only problem was that it was in Chinese. I unfolded it, and started walking in the direction that I would need to find the bus —CRANG!! and walked into a telephone pole. A few birds flew away. A couple of lovers, soaking up the last rays of the setting sun turned around and looked at me.

I was glad that nobody I knew was around.

I found a spoon in the street as I was walking, just to let you know. I’m sure you’re all thrilled to hear that. I also found a pretty yellow cloth. I met some drunk people, and an old man. Then, I was home.

Then, I got the “Sofia-we-worry-about-you-and-you-need-to-get-a-cell-phone” lecture from the parents.

Then I ate a snack.

Then I got on the computer.

Then I remembered that I have a test tomorrow.

It was a beautiful day.

See ya,


*Name has been changed to protect the innocent.


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