17 Steps to Having a Completely Exhausting Weekend

1. Finish your classes on Friday and go straight to a funeral from school and help serve coffee and punch and fold tablecloths.

2. Stay up until three in the morning with an assemblage of sugar-high teenagers, and play run-around-in-dark-scary-church-buildings-while-someone-is-chasing-you-type games.

3. Leave bright and early next day, go home, and cook the coconut that your friend mailed you from Hawaii.

4. Go on a 4 1/2 hour walk with a screaming child who will not walk, but also does not wish to be carried by you.

5. Come home and make a vinegar pie. Vinegar pies are amazing; don’t judge me!

6. Do homework. Not really. Be on the computer with the intention of doing homework.

7. Go to an inter-church youth event (that is totally unrelated to the overnighter you did last night) and sing songs.

8. Stay up until 2:00 watching Chinese movies on the computer.

9. Get up bright and early the next day and go to church.

10. Sing a cantata in LATIN when you are Lutheran, not Catholic, and therefore totally unused to singing Latin cantatas. With a sore throat.

11. Eat potluck food! Yay!

12. Party’s over. Go straight to the library after church and study for 4 hours, wishing that you were more strict about keeping the Sabbath because you feel like falling asleep anyways.

13. Go home and rest . . . until your brother wants you to go for a walk with him, which, of course, you do because you love your brother and want him to get some sunshine.

14. Come home, eat dinner, and then write up the meeting minutes for the financial board you volunteered to be on.

15. Eat the Swedish Fish that they gave you at the board meeting and reflect upon the fact that, after all, volunteering has its benefits.

16. Stupidly start watching more Chinese movies, even though you were planning to go to bed slightly earlier today.

17. Write a blog post while you wait for your Chinese movie to load.


Movie’s loaded. Goodbye.




2 thoughts on “17 Steps to Having a Completely Exhausting Weekend

  1. hahhahaha, I don’t see how you can stand on your two feet every day.

    I feel like my above statement is very old womanly

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