Maritime Moments

I’m a failed Sea Scout.

Never heard of Sea Scouts? Neither had I, until I decided to join them when I was 13. Basically, it’s co-ed Boy Scouts, in a boat. You get to learn about all things nautical, and no one wears life jackets. I stayed for about a year, then drifted out.

Don’t get the wrong idea; Sea Scouting is a great thing to be into; you learn a lot, you get to sail without being a rich kid, and it looks good on college apps.

Unless you absolutely fail at sailing, as I do.

Sea Scouts has nothing to do with anything; I just started thinking about it today because I had to give a speech about a boat. Her name was the SS America. She was built in 1939, served the US Navy in WWII, starred in an Elvis movie, and carried English immigrants to new lives in Australia. Then a Thai company bought her to make a floating 5-star hotel out of in Phuket, Thailand. Unfortunately for them, she ran aground in the Canary Islands on the way there, and cracked in two.

The End.



To go with my topic, I decided to wear a navy-blue-and-white dress today. Later, I went to Christian Club and was told by an ex-Navy man that I looked like Sailor Moon. Except that my skirt reaches my ankles. But he didn’t say that last part.

He did, however, tell me a couple of fun facts about sailor uniforms.

1. The big square collar that goes half-way down the back was originally to protect the suit from sailors’ long greasy hair. Why it is okay to get the collar dirty, but not okay to get the rest of it dirty, he did not say.

2. Neckerchiefs were originally for emergency tourniquets just in case one’s limb got blown off in combat.

…………………………………………………..Huh. I just thought they were cute.

I mean, come on, aren't they?!



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