My Kind of Snack

I’m sitting here eating a spoonful of molasses.

You know, molasses is actually pretty tasty.

Plus, it’s rich in iron. And calcium. And manganese ( I know you don’t care about manganese, but you should).

Plus, I ran out of my little hoard of Halloween candy yesterday. The last one was a green jawbreaker. Not that I don’t like jawbreakers, but, I’m always a little scared I’m going to crack my teeth on them. Plus, they’re white inside, which doesn’t tend to help matters when I’m freaking out, trying to ascertain whether that was my tooth or the candy that just went “crack.”

This time, however, I was smart and crushed it with a hammer on the basement floor before eating it. So there!

My brother here is helpfully informing me that most people don’t actually try to crunch on jawbreakers, that I’m not supposed to be crunching on jawbreakers, and that I’m a weirdo for doing so.

Well whatever. I’m eating molasses now.

Before that I had some potato chips with yogurt. Is that weird? I don’t like sweet fruity yogurt that much. I like it better in savory things. It’s like sour cream, but you don’t have to feel bad about eating it. Yesterday I mixed some yogurt with crushed garlic and Parmesan cheese and put it over leftover homemade pasta.

It was really good.

This was the first time I’ve eaten it with potato chips, though. In the rare event that we actually have potato chips at my house, we eat them with cottage cheese. But we finished it all yesterday. Thus, yogurt!

Okay, I’m done talking now.




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