Church Politics and My Maturity Level

I was going through my stuff today, and I came across this:

As you can see, this is the Annual Report of the congregation.

As a confirmed voting member of my church, it is my duty to stick around for the annual meeting, and vote on matters of great importance concerning the coming church year.

Plus, there was a potluck.

Church and potlucks, man. If there’s one thing that we followers of Christ are good at, it’s having potlucks. Especially at Events of Great Importance (and of potential boredom), like the Annual Meeting.

There was a very important discussion about how often we want to give to certain charities. Last year, you see, the church had a deficit and we wanted to avoid that this year. But then on the other hand, that would mean going to the charities we’ve been supporting and saying, “Sorry, ain’t gonna happen anymore.” It was a tough decision.

And then, there were new officers to elect and positions to fill. I myself was asked to be a member of the Vision Committee. Yay!

I’m sure they made a great choice. I’m a very mature person for my age.

One of my friends left his Annual Report lying around somewhere, so I very considerately let him share with me. Here are a few examples of the extensive notes we took during the meeting (and I would like to say here and now that I take no responsibility for anything written in print; that’s his doing):

We are . . .


so mature.

So. Mature.


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