My Denim Jumper

I like my denim jumper. It’s very comfy; like the Sofia version of sweats. I made it when I was twelve. Back then, it came down to my ankles. Not so much anymore.

Still, it’s very conservative. It’s also very shapeless, and makes me look like a denim tube. I remember a girl in freshman year of high school, trying to flatter me. I can’t remember why; probably wanted to see the homework or whatnot. But she was one of the cool girls; the one that was wearing the Abercrombie, the Uggs, the Juicy Couture, etc.

And then there was me, in my homemade denim jumper, with a red polo buttoned all the way up, and no-nonsense black Mary Janes.

“Uh, nice jumper, Sofia,” she said with a forced smile.

All the girls behind her burst into hysterical giggles.

I did too.

Now, if somebody laughed at my hair, that would be very different, but I’m used to being “that girl who wears dresses,” so it doesn’t bother me. When I was five years old, I set out to be a dress-wearing weirdo, and I am proud to say that I’ve accomplished that goal.

One of my friends calls it my “Duggar Jumper.” Have you heard of the Duggars? They’re a conservative Christian family (in Arkansas!) who have a TV show on TLC. They’re very conservative. They homeschool their kids. They sing hymns in the car. Their girls all wear ankle-length dresses.

In my opinion, they’re pretty awesome. I sent them a fan letter once. They’re my role models.

Though, coming back to my denim jumper, I’m not sure if the Duggar girls would wear it. It might show a little bit too much ankle for them.

It’s kind of hard to keep up with the Duggars. Especially out here, on my own, no ankle-length dress-wearing conservatives in sight to keep me on the straight and narrow. Oh well. I try.

And now I really want to watch 19 Kids and Counting.

See ya,



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