Today’s List

1. I went to the opera today. It was delightful.

2. I got to wear a shawl. I enjoy wearing shawls. The opera is the one place I know where it is socially acceptable to wear a shawl.

3. I got ditched today by my predictably unreliable friend. What should an old-fashioned girl do when she gets ditched? In the books, they generally despair and refuse food, and mope during their sleepless nights. Except for Jane Austen’s heroines. They despair, but they eat and sleep, too. What I did was call up a different friend. Might not have been the classic solution, but it seemed to work pretty well.

4. I am at this very moment holding an empty tin over a candle with beeswax, coconut fat, Bag Balm, and a couple of drops of good ol’ Chinese medicine melting together inside. It’s going to be lip balm. So far, it smells really good; like a fall-flavored candle; but I think that’s because the container once held cinnamon gum.

5. Beeswax does not melt very quickly over candles.

6. The candle I am using was supposed to be an Advent candle. My church gave them out in December, but I was unfortunately not organized enough to use it for such Holy purposes. Instead, I’m melting beeswax with it. At 1:21 AM. On my computer desk.

7. What’s wrong with me? How did I turn out like this?




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