How to Tell If You Are an Old-fashioned Girl

If you’ve ever wondered, here’s the guide! I got a score of 347. If you beat me, let me know, and I’d love to take lessons.

1. You have a pincushion on your desk: +5

2. Each additional pincushion: +1

3. You have a sewing machine on your desk: +10

4. You tat: +23

5. You tat well: +130

6. You know what tatting is: +13

7. You wear dresses every day: +10

8. You wear dresses that cover your ankles: +20

9. You wear dresses that reveal your knees: -15

10. You wear a bonnet every day: +100

11. Little kids have come up to you and asked what you are dressed up as, while you are wearing your normal clothes: +50

12. You wear a flowery apron when cooking: +5

13. Each additional flowery apron you own: +1

14. You feel that “frickin’,” “hella,” and “darn” are too close to swear words to use:+2

15. Your secret ambition is to own a petticoat: +10

16. Your secret ambition is to own a hoopskirt: +14

17. You belong to a church choir: +5

18. Your choir wears robes: +10

19. You belong to a handbell choir: +50

20. You write a diary: +15

21. You write your diary in cursive: +20

22. Your diary is electronic: -10

23. You send mail to your friends regularly: +30

24. You have long hair: +3

25. Your cosmetics are all edible because you made them out of stuff you found in your kitchen: +10

26. Your favorite books are by Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, or Louisa May Alcott: +5

27. You listen to the radio: +2

28. You listen to an iPod: -10

29. You listen to illegally-downloaded music on your iPod: -20

30. You listen to cassette tapes: +10

31. You listen to records: +30

32. You have poetry memorized: +10 for each poem

33. You cook from scratch: +6

34. You knit: +2

35. You enjoy going to museums because of all the old stuff they have in them: +4

36. Your favorite movie is in black-n-white: +5

37. Your favorite movie is black, white, and silent: +10

38. Nobody’s ever heard of your favorite celebrity because he or she was dead before you were born: +12


Add up your score! Let’s see what you’ve got!

400-600+: You are either Amish, or so ridiculously old-fashioned, even I can’t beat you. You are my idol.

200-400: Not bad. Old ladies love you, and you them, because you have so much in common. Younger people are apt to think you slightly eccentric.

50-200: Old-fashioned stuff is interesting, but it’s not your main focus.

0-50: I’m sorry. You just aren’t an old-fashioned girl. Just give us lots of praise for our phenomenal cooking/sewing/knitting/tatting skills, and we’ll love you anyways.




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