Three Things

I went to a local mountain to go sledding with the youth group this weekend. It was pretty fun. A few things I noticed, though:

1. People are surprised that I would go sledding in a dress.

How is that strange? If I wear a dress every day, why not sledding? I don’t really see how sledding in the snow is different, as long as I wear enough of the proper snow garments.

2. Most people don’t get as excited about old buildings as I do.

We were going through old country roads. We saw picturesque, dilapidated old barns, cutesy little town halls, quaint little farm houses . . .

and best of all:

A church. With a steeple. And a graveyard.

ISN’T THAT SO COOL?!?!?!?!?!?!!? I got so excited, my eyes welled up with joy and my voice went up three octaves. I was in utter bliss for 5 seconds.

Nobody else cared.

3. While I think of board games are being, you know, a board, many people think nothing of playing them on their smart phones, instead.

We played the game of Life on someone’s iPhone before bed. Nothing wrong with that; I just found it a little odd how much people these days use their technology.

But anyways, it was a fun trip, and I’m glad I got to go before school starts again. I also found a pair of gloves and a washcloth on the mountain, so that made me pretty happy.



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